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Safety cut out switch   $129.08
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Safety cut out switch

This safety cut out switch is also reffered to as the overheat switch. This switch works only on the 25.1815.05 and 25.1816.05 D9W heaters. 12 and 24 volt.

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Safety thermal cutout switch   $117.26
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Safety thermal cutout switch

This overheat sensor fits the later D9W heaters models 25.1996 and 25.1997 and also the Hydronic 10 models. It does not fit the earlier 25.1815 and 25.1816 models

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Screen - glow plug   $20.72
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Screen - glow plug

This glow plug screen helps the fuel atomize for clean starts. It should be replaced as part of your annual maintenance along with the glow plug. It fits all D3LC and D3LCC heater. 12 and 24 volt. It does not fit the B3LC/B3LCC gas operated heaters

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Seal ring   $15.87
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Seal ring

This seal ring is used all B1LC/B1LCC and D1LC/D1LCC heaters. It should be replaced anytime the heater is disassembled for cleaning

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Seal ring - heat exchanger   $18.26
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Seal ring - heat exchanger

This seal ring fits under the blower cover. It should be changed anytime the heater is disassembled for cleaning. This seal ring fits all B/D3LC thru B/D3LCC heater models. 12 and 24 volt.

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Seal, overheat safety switch   $3.33
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Seal, overheat safety switch

This seal is used between the heat exchanger casing and the thermal safety cut out switch (overheat switch) on the D7W.
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Series resistor - 24 volt   $68.50
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Series resistor - 24 volt

The series resistor is used in the 24 volt D7W model 25.1667.01 heater

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